Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shankill Holiday

Here I am again. Back in the Shankill. Craig's mom and family went to Spain for holiday so we are housesitting while they are gone. Oh, how I wish I were in Spain right now. The weather here is so weird. It's dark and gray outside and it's raining mad (alleluia it's raining mad!), but it's so hot and humid. Somewhat tropical. Craig and I are sweating like pigs in heat. "It's like Africa with white people", I say.

We were stressed out earlier in the day. First off, we woke up late. I wasn't feeling well last night. I had some nasty 24 hour bug making me feel like crap. I had the chills and a fever. This time the tables were turned with Craig playing Florence Nightengale. The poor boy had to hop up and down the stairs with a backpack full of soup, toast, and tea. *snicker* Craig decided not to go to sleep because we were to be at his mom's house by 11:30AM. We both woke up around 3PM. So packing became a huge dilemma. Craig was all stressed out and I was just taking it easy (because I'm the one that will have to carry the stuff anyway). We packed all our shit from the kitchen including my spices. I was going to bring our leftover produce and frozen meats to save us on shopping. I asked Craig whether we should put it in the garbage bag and he bitched and moaned saying, "I have no idea. We're going to have to put this in the taxi". UGH! I just about lost it, because I wasn't feeling well for one, and two I always have to make the decisions and doing all the shit in the house. So I went ballistic and chucked everything in the garbage. Craig freaked out and wanted to curl up in the fetal position in the corner.

Luckily, Liam (our new housemate) didn't witness the madness. He came in the house in the nick of time. As a diversion, Craig gave Liam the lowdown on the house and explained the signs we put up around the house. Yes! We put up signs. It was my idea. Especially topping up the electricity and gas because I was sick of Connie freeloading off of us. I created a record log of who put in what and everyone must sign the log. Hopefullly, Liam will follow through and Connie will feel like an ass for not putting in her fair share.

It was a very silent and tense ride to the Shankill. I started to warm up when I saw a birthday suprise waiting for me on the mantle. I got a cute soft teddy bear from his sister, Laura and I got £20 from his mom. Awwww...they're so sweeeeet!!! I dreaded going out in the pouring rain to get ingredients for our dinner (since I threw everything in the trash). I especially dreaded going out onto the Shankill and endure the menacing stares. But I did anyway. I came back and Craig asked what's for dinner. I said chicken fajitas. He opened the trash can. "What are you doing?", I asked. "Aren't you going to chuck it in the bin?", he jokingly says.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Sidenote: My blog hit the 1,000 mark! Woohoo! Thanks for all your support readers!

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