Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chop Sticks on Stranmillis Road

Dine About Town #2...

Every Wednesday is our takeout night. I get a break from cooking and I get to sample the food out here. Last week, we had a hankering for Chinese food so we decided to check out the local Chinese takeaway in our neighborhood: Chopsticks

Inside is your below average joint. Most main entrees come with a choice of boiled rice (white rice), fried rice, or chips (plain, garlic, or curried). To save ourselves some money we opted to just order the main entree. We could make our own rice at home. We ordered the honey chili chicken and mixed vegetable stir fry. £9.40for the whole lot which is the average price for Chinese takeaway here.

If this doesn't look appetizing then you are correct! Both dishes were drowned in sauce that it over powered everything. The Honey Chilli Chicken was way too sweet and the mixed vegetables were way too salty. After awhile, it just tasted like sauce over rice. Food wasn't inedible but I'd only go here if I were stuck in the middle of a desert and that was the only place to eat.

Food: 1 star for the free tupperware they give you w/ entrees
Customer Service: 3 stars for politeness, fast service, and efficiency

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