Monday, July 7, 2008

Under House Arrest

I've been under house arrest all day waiting for the cable guy. Around 2pm, Craig texts me and says the cable guy wasn't coming after all, there has been a mix up. Just great. :/

Today I made up for our household strike this weekend and have been very productive. I finished the laundry and ironing for that Craig left off yesterday. I've also made lumpia (Filipino springrolls). Wrapping them is labor intensive. The wrapping paper is so fragile you have to be careful not to tear it and you have to wrap them perfectly or else they will not cook right. They are then fried until a perfect golden brown and eaten with a sweet chili sauce. It's the first time Craig has ever eaten filipino food. Lumpia is a great introduction to Filipino cuisine. It's a no brainer since everyone who tries it for the first time loves it!

My first attempt at wrapping lumpia! It doesn't look as good as my mom's but it will do.

The finished product! My mom would be so proud!

Looks like we have a new housemate. Her name is Connie. Craig calls her goldilocks because she has blonde hair. She is moving in her stuff w/ her friend as I type. A very giggly bunch. They sound like Craig's sister and her friends. Oi vey! I just hope she isn't like Laura. Laura is the main reason why we had to move out in the first place. She was way too wild and loud. She just didn't give a shit about anyone else but herself in the house. Just concerned about partying with friends, clothes, makeup, and boys. She never lifted a finger to help around the house and left a trail of mess all over the place. Craig appropriately coined her "Paris Hilton". She's a nice girl but a wild teenager! I am surprised she gets away with so much. Everyone caters to whim and spoils her. If I shouted, 'Where's my vodka?!?!?' all over my parents house, I'd get knocked upside the head.

Oh well, at least we had it good for a month. Connie's room is right below ours. The poor girl. LOL!


Joanne said...

Love lumpia and now I'm hungry!

Flippin' Yank said...

Yay! I love that you love lumpia!