Monday, July 28, 2008

The Most Awkward Conversation Ever

While Craig and I were waiting for our taxi, a woman walks up to me and asks...

"Are you Chinese or Korean?"

"No. I'm American."

"Are you Korean?"

"No. I'm actually Filipino but I was born in America. I'm from California."

"I have a friend who is Korean."


"I've always wanted to go to Korea."


"Well, good luck."

"You too."

WTF?!?!? I should have said, "If you give me 20 quid, I can be Korean. I can be ANYTHING you want!"


Manuel said...

only in Belfast..........sorry bout that....

Flippin' Yank said...

Why are you apologizing? It wasn't you! LOL!

Don't think it's just Belfast. Morons are a worldwide epidemic.