Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've Turned Into An Old Fart

It's 3:30AM and it looks like quiet Connie has turned over a new leaf. She invited her mates over for a houseparty. All night, I heard door slamming, girls giggling, baby elephants running, chatting about god knows what in their pseudo English accents (seems to be the trend of Belfast youth these days) screaming off the top of their lungs the worst song in the historyr of songs, "Lollipop", by Lil Wayne. Ugh! I will be surprised if I still have hair left to tear out Dawn.

All my hard work today has gone down the drain. Today I spent the whole morning washing down the walls in the living room (previous food stains from student food fights), wiping the skirting board full of black mysterious soot, and mopping the hardwood floors. This labor was obviously fruitless. It all went to shit around 8PM when they walked through the door.

Craig and I went downstairs to get ourselves some hot cocoa and I nearly fell on my knees when I saw the mess! It has been the messiest the living room and kitchen has ever been since we moved in. Vodka bottles strewn everywhere as well as crisp bags. Now they are eating takeaway and I whimper at the thought of greasy chinese food falling on the floor that I JUST MOPPED!!!

Farewell to the tranquil bliss of Stranmillis. I'm sure there are many more parties to come. Oh well, it will give me an insight on what this house will be like when we leave and the other students move in. It will be fivefold. This house will be very, very sad to see us leave. We gave it as much TLC as we could and I'm sure it appreciated it.

All I ask is that they don't fuck with my spices! If they do, they'll have hell to pay!


Joanne said...

Thanks for all of the SF tips! We did ride the muni and went to the zoo; it was freezing brrr.. We didn't make it to the burger joint as it ended up being too late. We did however go for the best Indian I think I've ever had at a restaurant called New Delhi. It was phenominal; expensive but worth it. Thanks again; the city says it misses you.

Flippin' Yank said...

Awwww! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the city! Let me know if you want more tips. New Dehli is new to me, I should give it a try when I come back.