Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lisa Hannigan at Black Box

Tonight we saw a fantastic show at the Black Box. Lisa Hannigan was amazing. She was kinda quirky, reminded me of an Irish bjork. She incorporates a lot of unique musical instruments. If you don't know who Lisa Hannigan is she sings duet with Damien Rice. I don't think she has an albun out yet. At least it's going to be out soon I think. I highly recommend her music. Her voice is very soft yet powerful. Gavin Glass was the opening act. He is actually in her band. His style is more of a funky bluesy cocktail loungy.

Gavin Glass - The opening act and also a member of Lisa's band

The Black Box is located in the Cathedral quarter, new fresh cafes abound, very upbeat, hip and young. It is a really great venue to watch a concert...very small and intimate. The stage is so low it's almost level with the audience. Although it's a small venue, there wasn't a compromise in sound. It was even doubly enjoyable because we were practically sitting in Lisa Hannigan's lap since we were smack dab in front. The people at Black Box were so nice and accommodating because of Craig's broken leg, that they let us in first and we had first dibs. There is limited seating with were about 8 tables in the front and space to stand in the back.

This is also my first concert with the durdles! They were a studenty, bohemian, arthouse, alternative type of crowd. And it seems that once you get drink down a durdle's neck they aren't their usual selves, they are quite chatty and loud. But I liked it, it was very unpretentious, relaxed atmosphere. Just a bunch of people there to enjoy the music. As opposed to San Francisco, pretention rampant, people concerned about how cool they are because they listen to an obscure artist, and hoping to be seen in such surrorundings.

I also took video, before a lady stopped me and said quit it! You can view a 90 second clip below...

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