Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"The Proper Sausage Roll"

Craig thought it was time that I try a "proper sausage roll". The first time I had sausage roll was at John Campbell's Irish Bakery in San Francisco. I wanted to put the bakery to the test so I took him there. The baker is actually from Belfast. Craig took one bite of the sausage roll, spit it out and was offended, "This is NOT a proper sausage roll, it's actually a pastie made out of minced meat!" Sheesh!

Anyways, I am here in Belfast and now I have had my "proper and authentic sausage roll". My opinion? It's an acquired taste for sure. He told me you must have it with ketchup because that is the PROPER way to eat it. He promises me it will be so good that I'd have to have three hands. Two to eat and one to wank. O.K. so I ate it and I really don't think it classifies as wanking material. I actually like the one at John Campbell's better. I'm not too fond of boiled minced sausage meat with hardly any spices. The filling was bland. Although I did like the pastry, it was buttery flakey goodness.

So there you go, my first and last experience with a "proper sausage roll".

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